Coach Accreditations

Netball Queensland facilitates the coach accreditation system set by Netball Australia. This framework is a six-tier progression designed to provide coach education for each stage of the coaching journey, as outlined in the infographic below.

To enroll in an accreditation, you need to login to your Netball Learning account. See the instructions below if you need help enrolling in your desired accreditation.  

How to enrol in Foundation Accreditation.  

How to enrol in Development Accreditation. 

How to enrol in Intermediate Accreditation.  

Netball Learning has replaced MyNetball as Netball Australia’s learning management system. Follow the instructions on the Netball Learning login page when logging in for the first time. All data from your MyNetball account should be transferred to your Netball Learning account; if not, please email  

You can read more about Netball Australia’s framework in the 2022 National Coach Accreditation Framework.  

To find upcoming accreditation workshops, visit our Coaching Calendar. If you are representing an Assocation and would like to host an accreditation workshop outside of the current coaching calendar, please fill in this form.  

Updating your Accreditation  

Coaching accreditations remain current for four years from the date of accreditation. After this point, coaches need to renew their accreditations. Renewal is only available to coaches who meet the point requirements by demonstrating their commitment to ongoing learning and development opportunities. This is to ensure our coaches:  

  • Keep abreast of the latest information on developments in netball; 
  • Have access to the most up-to-date coaching techniques and skills; and  
  • Have updated knowledge of rules and current interpretations.  

To renew your accreditation, you must receive a certain number of points. Half of these points must come from practical coaching experience, and the other half can come from a variety of professional development workshops, courses, seminars, or other opportunities. These opportunities can be online education courses through Netball Learning, in which case the point value is shown in the course description and the points are automatically applied to your renewal. Points can also be attributed to other professional development opportunities outside of Netball Learning. Send an email detailing the type of professional development activity, the date and duration of the activity, the facilitator of the activity, and a brief description to for approval. 

Accreditation Renewal Point Requirements  

Foundation Accreditation 

Attain Development Accreditation 


Complete 20 points in 4 years 

Development Accreditation 

Attain Intermediate Accreditation 


Complete 40 points in 4 years 

Intermediate Accreditation 

Attain Advanced Accreditation 


Complete 60 points in 4 years 

Advanced Accreditation 

Attain Elite Accreditation 


Complete 80 points in 4 years 

Elite Accreditation 

Attain High Performance Accreditation 


Complete 100 points in 4 years 

High Performance Accreditation 

Complete 120 points in 4 years 

To learn more about updating your accreditation, view page 9 of the 2022 National Coach Accreditation Framework

How to add your practical coaching hours to update your accreditation (coming soon).


If you are looking to obtain your Foundation Accreditation, everything is done online through Netball Learning. Please download the How to enroll in Foundation accreditation for detailed instructions.  

If you are looking to obtain your Development Accreditation, the first portion is to enroll online through Netball Learning. Please download the How to enroll in Development Accreditation for detailed instructions. Once you have enrolled, you can then complete the Development Online Course through Netball Learning. Once the online portion is completed, you can check the Coaching Calendar to find a Development Practical Workshop close to you.  

If you are looking to obtain your Intermediate Accreditation, head to the Coaching Calendar to find an upcoming workshop near you.  

You have several options here. Firstly, you can wait until one becomes available at a date and 	location you can attend.  

Secondly, you can email your coaching contact at your local club or association and express your 	interest in the accreditation. Clubs and Associations can complete this form to express their 	interest in hosting an accreditation workshop.  

Thirdly, you can email to discuss any alternative options.  

Your registration and payment will be held in the Netball Learning system until you find a new 	workshop that you are able to attend. Find an upcoming workshop in the Coaching Calendar and 	send an email to to have your registration and payment 	transferred to the new date.  

There are no time restrictions between completing your Foundation accreditation and starting your Development accreditation. To start your Intermediate or Advanced accreditation, you need to hold your Development or Intermediate respectively for a minimum of 12 months.  

At each accreditation workshop, the facilitators take note of coaches demonstrating impressive skill and potential to progress to the next level within the 12-month period. These coaches are spoken to on the day, and the facilitator confirms who these coaches are with Netball Queensland. 

Not at all. While the coaching accreditation system is a pathway, there is no need to progress 	from one accreditation to the next. Coaches who are happy to remain at the Development 	accreditation level are encouraged to do so. As long as you continue to update your accreditation every four years, there is no need to do the next level of accreditation.  

You can only update your accreditation within six months of your accreditation expiration date. 	You can be working towards getting the points you need across the entire four years; however, 	you can only upload your practical coaching hours in the last six months.  

Over the four years, you should keep track of all the practical coaching you have done, including 	the team you coached, the player age group, the competition or format of the coaching, and the 	hours completed. This way, when you update your accreditation you can simply copy this 	information over without worrying about forgetting any of your experience.   

Please download the How to add your practical coaching hours to update your accreditation 	instructions and follow them to update your accreditation. If you are still having trouble, please 	email with as much information as possible so our team can 	investigate. 

As per the National Coach Accreditation Framework, there is a 12-month grace period after the 	expiry date for you to update your accreditation online through Netball Learning.  

Any accreditations that have expired by more than 12-months can be updated on a case-by-case basis. Please send an email to detailing the practical coaching experience you have done over the last four years, the coach education and professional development you have undertaken, and the reason why you did not update your accreditation before the expiry date. These requests are reviewed by Netball Queensland and forwarded onto Netball Australia for final approval.