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Auditing Your Organisation's Admin Users

With Season 2024 underway, now is a good time to review who is connected to your organisation's profile in NetballConnect and determine whether changes are required.

Are there former committee members / paid staff members who no longer require the ability to have significant access to your organisation's NetballConnect?

Are all the people who have recently taken on a role that involves NetballConnect on your organisation's profile?

These changes can be made by an existing Admin User within the organisation.

You are now able to include roles for your committee members when updating the administrators on your organisation's NetballConnect profile.

By adding an 'organisation' email, communications can now be specific to those roles within your organisation.

Should you require any assistance regarding the addition or removal of people from your organisation's NetballConnect profile, please feel free to contact Netball Queensland's NetballConnect Helpdesk.


Release of Season 2024's Member Association Training Manual

Season 2024's NetballConnect Training Manual for Member Associations is now available in the NetballConnect Administrators' webpage of the Netball Queensland website.

Season 2024's NetballConnect Training Manual for Clubs is currently in the final stages of revision and will be uploaded to the same section of the Netball Queensland website as the Member Association Training Manual, as soon as it is suitable for publication.

Any questions or feedback regarding Season 2024's NetballConnect Training Manual for Netball Queensland's Member Associations can be directed to Sam Douglas, Netball Queensland’s System Support Officer.


Updates for NetballConnect - 15 December 2023

  • Teams Module - The Teams Module will now be where Clubs and Associations can complete their player grading and team creation.  This will now allow you to choose multiple players at the same time to allocate to their teams.  Please see the Player and Team Grading resource if you need any guidance on how to complete player grading and team nominations.
  • Enhancement for following Teams or Associations - When following a Team in the NetballConnect app, you will now be able to choose to select Team/s or Divisions/Grades.
  • Competition Module - The Competition Module is now called 'Fixtures'.  The Player Grading section of this module has been removed and Player Grading now sits under 'Teams'.
  • Registrations - You can now choose to create a registration that does not include fixtures.  The Event/Program option in your Registration can be used for any registrations that you take that do not require a draw to be created.  Potentially, this could be for Netball Activities such as Clinics.
  • Update of the list of competitions showing in Communication to include those participating in competitions.
  • Default ladder points are now set to zero.
  • Umpires will now automatically populate from the Officials' dashboard.

Any questions regarding the above updates to NetballConnect can be directed to the NetballConnect Helpdesk.



Afterpay offers enhanced payment flexibility for registering users.  Afterpay is a buy now, pay later service that allows participants to register and then split the payments into four interest free instalments.

The organisation that the participant is registering with will be responsible for the Afterpay transaction fee of 5.7% + $0.30 of the total payment amount.  When setting fees, organisers need to be aware that anyone using this payment option will lose part of their profile for each registration using this fee and should budget accordingly.

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Administrators can enable Afterpay by following the below steps.

Navigate to registrations, click on '+ New Registration', create the registration for your new competition or for an existing registration click on the competition name and go to payment tab and tick the Afterpay option. 

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Participants can set up Afterpay payments by following the below steps.

Register to competitions using the provided link or through the app.  In payment methods, select instalments by Afterpay.

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After selecting 'Submit', you will then be prompted to the Afterpay login page.  Login and verify the payment.

The participant will receive an invoice from NetballConnect.

The participant can track their instalments by logging into Afterpay and go to 'Orders'. This will show all of the participants upcoming and completed instalments.

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Additional Information

  • Players that deregister through the system where a refund is given will receive an email from Afterpay that they will receive the refund amount back to their card or they will be informed on the reduction of fees from Afterpay.
  • Players that transfer / move that have used Afterpay will have their payments continued, as per the instalment dates set.
  • Any partial refund that is given due to transfer / deregistration will result in instalment payments being reduced by Afterpay to accommodate for the partial refund.

Any questions regarding the use of Afterpay in NetballConnect can be directed to the NetballConnect Helpdesk.


Request a Virtual NetballConnect Training Session in Season 2024

In 2024, Netball Queensland is now offering the Netball Queensland Community (including Member Associations, their Affiliated Clubs and Community Members) the ability to request virtual NetballConnect training sessions throughout the year.

This opportunity would be of benefit for organisations in the Netball Queensland Community that have had a turnover in its committee members, where NetballConnect knowledge has been lost as part of the turnover, or an organisation within Netball Queensland's Community that would like to refresh, or expand on, their existing knowledge base of the NetballConnect modules.

If this sounds like something that would be of interest your Association, Community Member or Club, please follow the prompts in the link below:-

Request a Virtual NetballConnect Training Session

Any questions regarding the training being offered by Netball Queensland can be directed to Sam Douglas, Netball Queensland’s System Support Officer.