Beginning your Coaching Journey

Signing up to coach a netball team for the very first time can be extremely daunting and overwhelming. No matter how much you already know about netball, Netball Queensland are here to support and guide you as you start your coaching journey.  

If this is your first ever experience with netball, check out this Introduction to Netball Video to get a quick overview of the game.

For more resources to help you on your coaching journey, including an Introduction to Netball Coaching manual, free templates to keep your organised, and a variety of links to helpful external sources, visit our Coaching Resources page.  

Coach Education  

Netball Queensland facilitates the coach accreditation process set by Netball Australia. The first step in this process is the Foundation Accreditation. This accreditation is designed for coaches at the start of their journey and covers the following topics:  

  • Identifying the roles and responsibilities of the coach 
  • Understanding the social development considerations for why children play sport 
  • Understanding the benefits of using a game sense approach to teach game concepts and develop long term learning 
  • Understanding the importance of effective group management skills to maximise opportunities for successful participation 
  • Understanding the planning and review process 
  • Utilising effective communication techniques to develop player understanding of the basic skills of netball 
  • Identifying skill faults and correct technique for the basic skills of netball 

The Foundation Accreditation is a completely online course. To find out more, visit our Coach Accreditations page.

If you are looking for something face-to-face, Netball Queensland also runs an Introduction to Coaching workshop for our Queensland clubs and associations. This two-hour workshop gives brand-new coaches the skills and resources to start coaching their very first netball team. This workshop involves group discussion and activities to help you learn about:  

  • Your role as a netball coach;  
  • Delivering feedback to your players; 
  • Planning an efficient and successful training session;  
  • Planning your season effectively; and  
  • Reflecting on your coaching practice.  

Participants also receive a variety of resources, including session planning templates, participant workbook for notetaking, examples of skill progression training sessions, examples of training activities and the skills they work on, and a glossary of essential netball coaching terms.  

If you are interested in Netball Queensland running an Introduction to Coaching Workshop at your local club or association, ask your coaching convenor to email