LC2020 - Day 2

Leaders Conference 2020 - Day 2

On Day 2 our High Performance team unpacked the Netball Queensland High Performance Strategy, which was followed by introductions to the new Netball Queensland registration platform developed by World Sport Action. In the afternoon we discussed why Diversity and Inclusion is good for our game and getting more boys and men into netball. We ended the day with a discussion on who we engage our youth and a wrap-up from our chair, Eugenie Buckley. 

Resources, presentations and key points from each session are available to access below. 

Netball Queensland's High Performance Strategy 

There needs to be a single vision that is collaborative and uncompromising in it's commitment to excellence in all aspects of the game in Queensland, which can easily be addressed and adopted across the state. 

The primary aim is to provide Queensland athletes with access to a clear, transparent and best practice high performance system. 

Future of the HART Sapphire Series

The HART Sapphire Series is the jewel in the crown of Netball Queensland's pathway. The league is also an opportunity to utilise resources to collaborate and lift the quality of coaching, umpiring and on-court performance in a competitive elite environment. 

Click here to view the presentation from this session.

Netball Live Scores Powered by World Sport Action 

This session was an opportunity to get hands on experience on the new Netball Queensland app, which will replace MyNetball as the registration platform. 

Training sessions will run throughout the first quarter of 2021. If you have yet to book your training session with Sian, please email to discover and learn more. 

Click here to download the app. 

Click here to view the presentation from this session. 

Diversity is Good for our Game.

Inclusion is everybody’s business and Netball Queensland is committed to supporting clubs to become culturally safe spaces for all. Over the next two years Netball Queensland will be partnering with Multicultural Australia to deliver a Connecting Through Sport project which aims to deliver cultural awareness training to clubs in Queensland. For more details on this project and the target locations please contact or call 0408 638 297

Diamond Spirit

Our Diamond Spirit program works with regional and remote schools to engage, empower and educate young Indigenous girls in these communities. We also discussed the Indigenous participation rates along the Netball Queensland pathway.  This will be an ongoing piece of work as we implement the Declaration of Commitment released by Netball Australia. Click here for more details about our Diamond Spirit program.

Welcoming Clubs

Maia Tua-Davidson gave us some insights into the work Welcoming Clubs are doing in our community and the challenges faced by people from diverse community groups. Click here to visit their website. 

Pride in Sport 

Beau Newall spoke about the challenges LGTBIQ+ communities face in sport and the workforce. You can reach Beau via the following email,

Boys and Men in Netball - the Indoor experience 

The perception of netball not being a boys sport needs to be addressed, this doesn’t come from players it comes from adults. It starts in schools, we need to support schools to offer boys netball as an option for those who don't want to play traditional male sports. 

There is no Netball Australia or Netball Queensland rule limiting male players over 12 years from playing, the association competition rules (constitution, by laws or rules) need to be adjusted to include a mixed competition and welcome boys over 12 into netball. 

By limiting ourselves to our traditional target marketing we are excluding not only exciting male players from the court but potential sponsorship opportunities as companies seek inclusive sports to invest in. 

You can't be what you can't see. This applies for boys as well. Having elite level players profile lifted and celebrated will improve grass roots participation. 

Men's netball supporters are just like any netball supporter - passionate, dedicated and want to grow and push the sport hard. BUT they need Netball Queensland, associations and clubs help to support and drive growth.