New Coaches

Coaches play an important role not only in the sporting life, but also the everyday life of the participants they coach.

Coaches have the potential to influence not only the development of sport-specific skills and sporting performance, but also the participant’s development as a person and their approach to other aspects of their life. While at times it can be challenging, coaching can also be an immensely satisfying role.

To be effective as a coach it is important to:

  • understand the expectations and responsibilities of role
  • consider different styles of coaching that support the development of all participants
  • ensure that skill development and playing experiences align to the age group you are coaching, and
  • establish effective relationships with participants, parents and carers, officials and administrators.

We hope that the following resources help build your knowledge and confidence as a coach, and that you and your team have a great season.


PLEASE NOTE:  All learning and accreditation courses are still completed in MyNetball Learning.  You will need to create a MyNetball account (if you don't have one) or log in to your MyNetball account.  Once you have logged in, please click on Learning < Online Learning < Browse Available Courses < and scroll through the list to find the course you are after.  

Key resources to help you get started as a netball coach

CHANGE IT principles provide guidance for ways you can modify or progress activities to meet the needs of your players.  

Playing for Life Resource with a variety of Indigenous games