Netball Queensland is committed to creating a world class coaching environment. To achieve this, we provide both accredited and non-accredited workshops that cater to the needs of coaches at all levels.

For a copy of Netball Australia’s 2018 National Coach Accreditation Framework – Click Here

Host a Workshop or Accreditation Course

Netball Queensland affiliated Associations and Clubs may apply to host the Development & Intermediate Courses within their own environments. For more information regarding host a coaching courses, please see below:

 EOI to Host a Workshop or National Accreditation Course form

*NB* – All participants must be current Netball Queensland registered members prior to attending an Accreditation Course.

For further information please contact Karen Topp on (07) 3426 9512 or

Netball Australia Coach Accreditation Pathway

Foundation Coach Accreditation Online Course

The online Foundation Coach accreditation course is targeted primarily at beginner coaches, teachers, parents and NetSetGO coaches.  It outlines introductory coaching information and basic netball techniques.  The course is the first step in the national coaching accreditation framework and is an important step along the knowledge pathway for a coach.

The course looks at:

  1. The role of the coach
  2. Planning
  3. Teaching netball skills
  4. The coach in action

Cost $65.00

Enrol at any time of the day or night from the comfort of your own home at  Upon successful completion of all four modules, you will receive the Netball Australia Foundation Coach Accreditation and certificate of completion.  You also have the option to purchase the Foundation Coaching Manual for #0 which contains lots of coaching activities and games for all levels.

Click here for Enrolment Instructions to help you access the Course

Frequently Asked Questions for Clubs and Associations: Online Foundation Coach Accreditation Association Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions for Participants: Online Foundation Coach Accreditation Participant Fact Sheet

Foundation Coach Accreditation Competency Statements and Assessment Tasks: Foundation Coach Accreditation_Competency statements and assessment tasks

Development Coach Accreditation Course

Development coaching accreditation now has two components:

  1. Online Development coaching course (4-6 hours – cost $55)
  2. Development Face to Face coaching workshop (4-6 hours – cost $58.)

Pre-Requisites for enrolling in Development Face to Face Workshop:

  • Completion of a Netball Australia Foundation Coaching Accreditation
  • Current Rules of Netball Theory Examination pass (70% or above). Click here to access Rules of  Netball Theory Exam
  • Participants must be current Netball Queensland members or interstate members who have been approved by Netball Queensland
  • Club, Association and Regional Coaches
  • Enrollment in and completion of Development online coaching course (available through MyNetball Online Learning)

Development Face to Face Workshop

  • Booking into the Face to Face workshop is done through MyNetball Online Learning (browse available courses)
  • Duration of workshop is 4.5 hours
  • Payment must be made at time of booking. Course fees will not be refunded after the closing date
  • Closing date is the Monday prior to the workshop
  • Click here for enrollment instructions
Upcoming Development Face to Face coaching workshops:


27 April 2019:
Caloundra Netball Association (Caloundra Indoor Stadium, 4 North Street, Golden Beach)
1.00pm – 5.30pm


28 April 2019:
Moranbah Netball Association (Sports & Recreational Grounds, McCool Street, Moranbah)
9.00am – 1.30pm


5 May 2019:
Western Districts Netball Association (Faulkner Park, Richardson Street, Graceville)
9.00am – 1.30pm


13 May 2019:
Wynnum & Districts Netball Association (Wondall Heights State School, 260 Wondall Road, Manly West)
5.00pm – 9.30pm


19 May 2019:
Logan Netball Association (1 Netball Drive, Woodridge)
9.00am – 1.30pm


26 May 2019:
Metropolitan Districts Netball Association (Wembley Park, Corner Burke & Robinson Streets, Coorparoo)
9.00am – 1.30pm


26 May 2019:
Burdekin Netball Association (50 Twelfth Avenue, Home Hill)
1.00pm – 5.30pm


16 June 2019:
Gympie Netball Association (Cnr Rose & Hine Street, Gympie)
9.30am – 2.00pm


17 August 2019:
Capricorn Coast Netball Association (Barmaryee Sports Precinct, Barymaryee Road,Yeppoon)
9.00am – 1.30pm


Attending the Development F2F workshop after registering:

Bring with you:

  • 1 x Attacking session plan (Split Lead & Reoffer/Double Dodge) prepared during the online Development course
  • 1 x Defence session plan (Hands over/Repositioning)  prepared during the online Development course
  • Drink bottle and snacks
  • Come dressed in comfortable clothing including sandshoes for when you are doing practical coaching as part of the workshop.

Host Association is required to provide 16-20 players from 15yrs and above Rep level, for the 2 hour practical session

To register click here.

Intermediate Coach Accreditation Course

Intermediate Accreditation

Course Fee: NQ Members $163

Duration: 8 hours

Upcoming INTERMEDIATE coaching courses:


25 May 2019:
Townsville City Netball Association (William Angliss Drive, Annandale)
9.00am – 5.00pm
1 June 2019:
Rockhampton Netball Association (Cathedral College, 189 William Street, Rockhampton)
9.00am – 5.00pm


23 June 2019:
Metropolitan Districts Netball Association (MDNA) (Wembley Park, Cnr Burke Street & Robinson Street, Coorparoo)
9.00am – 5.00pm


  • Participants must be current Netball Queensland members or interstate members who have been approved by Netball Queensland
  • Payment must be made at time of booking. Course fees will not be refunded after the closing date
  • Closing date is the Wednesday prior to the course
  • Booking into the courses and workshop is done through MyNetball in available courses.
  • You may be asked to bring players, 15U or higher who are of Rep standard for your assessment.  The times when players will be required for these assessments will be outlined when the program is confirmed.  

Registrations for this course are through your MyNetball account.  To register click here.

Advanced Coach Accreditation Course

Advanced Accreditation

Course Fee: NQ Members $365

Upcoming Advanced Coaching course – face to face workshops:


Workshop 1:
1 & 2 June 2019:
Queensland State Netball Centre (570 Mains Road, Nathan)
9.00am – 5.00pm
Workshop 2:
12 & 13 October 2019
Queensland State Netball Centre (570 Mains Road, Nathan)
9.00am – 5.00pm

*Please note times may be subject to change.

Duration: 29 hours over 2 weekends in course and assignment work

Requirements for the Advanced Coaching Accreditation:

  • Attendance at two (2) face to face coaching workshops
  • Attendance at Firebirds home game for Game Analysis module during one of the workshops
  • Successful completion of written assignments
  • 2 sessions assessed by mentor coach
  • Practical assessment


To register to attend the Advanced Coaching course:

  • you must be a current registered member of Netball Queensland  or interstate members who have been approved by Netball Queensland
  • you must hold Intermediate Coach Accreditation or recognition of current competency
  • Coaches must have had at least one (1) year/season coaching experience after completion of a Netball Australia Intermediate Coaching Course
  • 2 years coaching at a minimum level of representative 15/U
  • Two session plans assessed as competent by a mentor through demonstration of application of the seven step progression approach.  Mentors are required to complete the mentor form and provide to Netball Queensland.  Click here to download mentor form
  • Payment must be made at time of booking. Course fees will not be refunded after the closing date

Attending the Advanced coaching face to face workshops:

  • Come dressed in comfortable clothing for practical coaching
  • Bring drink bottle, lunch and snacks
  • Course requirements include attendance at a Firebirds game as part of the analysis and strategy component. A ticket to the game is included in course cost.
  • This must be completed by the mentor to indicate readiness to attend course
  • You may be asked to provide 8–10 players, preferably 15 years and over representative skilled players for the practical components of the workshop

For more information, please contact Karen Topp: or on 07) 3426 9512.  

*The Advanced Coaching course is run over two weekends and coaches must attend BOTH weekends to complete Advanced accreditation level.  Coaches may start their Advanced course on either weekend.

To register click here.

Elite Coach Accreditation Course

Course Fee: NQ Members $250 Non-members $285

Date to be advised for 2019

Duration : 15 hours over 2 days

The Elite Coaching Course is designed to provide Suncorp Super Netball Championship assistant coaches, underage state coaches, state league (top level) coaches and potential high performance coaches with further professional development opportunities. The practical day of this course is a pre-requisite for the High Performance course. Pre-Requisites:

  • Advanced Coaching Course or Recognition of Current Competency
  • 1 Year Coaching at a Regional Level or State League Level
  • Super Netball Championship Assistant, underage (Nationals), State League (top Level) and potential High Performance Coaches
  • Participants must be current Netball Queensland members or interstate members who have been approved by Netball Queensland
  • Booking into the courses and workshop is done through MyNetball in available courses 
    To register click here.

High Performance Coach Accreditation Course

Note from Netball Australia Due to the change in structure and the coach accreditation review which will be taking place over the course of 2015 Netball Australia has decided that a High Performance course will not be conducted until early 2016, allowing for a review of the current High Performance Accreditation, learning structure and funding models to ensure best practice in sport. Below are the anticipated dates for key milestones in the lead up to the course. (please note these are anticipated dates only and will be confirmed in 2015) September – call for applications October – Interviews November – Applicants notified of interview outcome Feb (HP Course conducted (please note this date is confirmed) Any coach wishing to go through the process must have completed all pre-requisites (listed below) before they will be considered for an interview. Pre-Requisites:

  • Be currently coaching and have coached (as a Head Coach) for a minimum of three out of the last five years at atop Level State League or ANL or Suncorp Super Netball Championship Coaches.
  • Elite Coaching Course Court Strategies module
  • Advanced Coaching Course or Recognition of Current Competency
  • Participants must be current Netball Queensland members or interstate members who have been approved by Netball Queensland 

Updating Accreditation

Updating involves coaches completing various tasks in a four year period following successful competition of an accredited course – Foundation, Development, Intermediate, Advanced and High Performance. It is a requirement that all coaches who become accredited must continue to update their knowledge to maintain their accreditation.

Why Update? Updating provides an opportunity for coaches to:

  • Keep up with the latest information on developments within netball
  • Receive the latest general and specific safety information for netball
  • Have the most up to date techniques and coaching methods in Australia

How To Update? When a coach receives an accreditation after completing an accredited netball course the “update clock” starts. Coaches have four years in which to complete their updating requirements. By attending updating activities, a coach is able to earn points towards completing the updating requirements associated with her/his current level of accreditation.

Updating activities include:

  • practical coaching hours
  • attendance at MO approved coaching workshops/courses
  • NA online coaching units such as Selecting, Expecting Respect, Getting to Know NetsetGO.

Re-Accrediting – How Do I Do It?

Netball Australia have introduced online updating for Coaching Accreditation.  Netball Australia send a reminder email six months prior to your accreditation expiry date.  To update:

  • Log in to your MyNetball account
  • Click on Learning < Online Learning < Browse Available Courses < My Accreditation Updating
  • Click on “Please Select an Accreditation”
  • Choose your Accreditation level you are updating
    • Click on Practical Coaching Hours and enter the relevant information
    • Coaching workshops and online units you have completed will appear on this page also
    • The number of points you have earned will appear at the bottom of the page – you need to earn the relevant number of points for your accreditation level
  • Submit your request for Accreditation updating
  • Your Accreditation will be updated on the expiry date
  • Please check your Accreditation status after the expiry date to ensure this has been successful.

Coaching logbook

Click here to download a PDF version of the Coaching Update Logbook which you may wish to keep for your own records. Information regarding prospective updating workshops/clinics can be found on the NQ website under Get Involved >Coaching > Coaching Workshops.  Coaches may also complete free online units such as Selecting, Expecting Respect, Getting to Know NetSetGO.

How many points do I need to update my accreditation? Netball Australia requires a coach to reach the specified number of points of updating activity for each accreditation level as listed below:

Foundation Accreditation Attain Development OR Complete 20 points in 4 years
Development Accreditation Attain Intermediate OR Complete 40 points in 4 years
Intermediate Accreditation Attain Advanced OR Complete 60 points in 4 years
Advanced Accreditation Attain Elite OR Complete 80 points in 4 years
Elite Accreditation Attain High Performance OR Complete 100 points in 4 years
High Performance Accreditation Complete 120 points in 4 years

Please note:  It is important you have only ONE MyNetball account.  This is particularly relevant for Accreditations and Updating.

Please contact for further information.



Coaching Assessments - Intermediate & Advanced

Dates to be advised

This workshop is for Advanced and Intermediate Coaches who have completed the Advanced and Intermediate Coaching course and would like to be assessed.  Each person will be assessed for approximately 1-1/2 hours. PLEASE NOTE: .Coaches wishing to participate in the Intermediate and Advance Coaching Assessment must bring Ten players to the Assessment with them for the Practical Assessment component only. These players must be available for your Practical Assessment and be a minimum Representative player of 15 years and above. Failure to provide Ten players for the Practical Assessment will disqualify the coach from being able to undertake the Practical Assessment component of the course and therefore be ineligible to be awarded the accreditation on this day. Please contact Karen Topp on 07) 3426 9512 or for available times that would be appropriate for you and your team to attend.

Netball Australia Coach Developer's Workshop


This Developer’s workshops provides coaches with the skills to facilitate Development Face to Face Coaching Workshops to members throughout Queensland.


  • Participants must have at least seven (7) years practical Netball Coaching experience at a higher level (Participants must provide supporting evidence of this from your Association, School or Region) or currently hold a Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessing/ Bachelor of Education with several years experience
  • Netball Australia Intermediate Coaching Accreditation or higher
  • Participants must be current Netball Queensland members or interstate members who have been approved by Netball Queensland 
  • Participants will take part in ongoing learning through attendance at a Development F2F workshop and other learning activities as required before being approved to facilitate this workshop.

COST: NIL  100% attendance is required to be successful.

To register contact Karen Topp on (07) 3426 9512 or