LC2020 - Day 1

Leaders Conference 2020 - Day 1

On Day 1 we shared lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic and how we, as a sport, set ourselves up for success in 2021 and beyond. In the afternoon we focused on everything from coach development, crisis communications, governance and how we build thriving associations and clubs. 

Resources, presentations and key points from each session are available to access below. 

Our panel members lived and breathed Netball Queensland's COVID-19 response. It was only appropriate that we kicked off LC2020 with our insights and learnings from delivering community netball and the 2020 SSN season during the pandemic. 

Ben Mannion - General Manager, Nissan Arena

"Whilst a number of sports decided not to run elite or community sport, netball thrived in Queensland. We showed the country what we can do if we unite and work together. Contract Tracing is without doubt the most import step in recovering from an outbreak and we encourage everyone to implement the EVA Check-in system if they haven't already done so. Finally, Nissan Arena is an indoor venue, which falls under a different set of protocols. The easing of restrictions has, at this point, not been eased and social distancing and the 4m2 ruling must be adhered to whilst at the venue."

Paula Sale - Western Districts Netball Association 

"Let the Public Health Unit lead the communitications to the community and be a single source of truth. We encourage every club and association to keep their records electronically, which means they are easily accessible from anywhere. Don't be afraid to over communicate with your members, even if there is no new information to give, keep them informed."

Laura Rathgeber - Chief COVID Safety Coordinator, Netball Queensland

"I hope people walk away with a "forward thinking" attitude and understand how Netball Queensland has already started the transformation process by creating eco-systems where we can work together to achieve greater outcomes."

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There is a clear opportunity to extend our Target Marketing beyond the 7.8% that we currently attract and focus on - 5-19 year old females. 

We need to seek and welcome a youth voice into our sport. Currently there is little to no representation of females aged 5-19 in our decision making process or committees. 

Our sport is not representative of the society that we live in - we need to proactive, bold and brave in gaining greater diversity in our sport. 

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Our Delivery Network Leads (DNLs) emphasised the importance of strategic planning and aligning with the Netball Queensland Strategic Plan  that will ensure Netball is United. Our DNLs also 

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There is no such thing as a "small crisis." The message to our Associations and Clubs has, and always will be, to engage with Netball Queensland as soon as possible, particularly if you are in doubt as to whether or not it's a "big enough deal". Often by that stage it is.  

The five key takeaways are

  1. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
  2. Transparency is key
  3. Time is of the essence
  4. Put people first
  5. Always remain vigilant

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Ana Croger, Netball Queensland Company Secretary and General Manager of Corporate Services provided a summary of the Sports Australia Governance Principles released in 2020. Governance in sporting organisations is critical for the protection of members, committees and boards. Good governance does not guarantee success; however, poor governance almost certainly guarantees failure. An outline of the Sports Australia principles and other helpful resources can be found on the Sport Australia website, click here.

Netball Queensland’s new Code of Conduct for Integrity recently approved by the Netball Queensland Board was released. Any questions or feedback around this policy and procedure can be directed to

Click here for Netball Queensland's Code of Conduct policy.

Click here for Netball Queensland's Disciplinary Procedures and Regulations policy. 

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